E – Bike adventure through the heart of Shar Mountains

Our journey begins in Popova Shapka, a well-known starting point for mountain adventures. We set off on a gentle uphill terrain, perfect for warming up and getting accustomed to the e-bikes. The crisp mountain air and panoramic views set the tone for the day ahead.

Galichica National Park E-Bike Journey: Where Serenity Meets Thrill

Nestled near the enchanting city of Ohrid, Galichica National Park in Macedonia calls out to adventurous souls seeking a mesmerizing escape into nature’s embrace. An e-bike expedition through this pristine wilderness guarantees an unforgettable journey of discovery. From the charming Velestovo Village to the thrilling Krstec Pass and the serene Asan Dzura Mountain Hut, each twist and turn of the trail unveils breathtaking landscapes and hidden wonders waiting to be explored.


The High Scardus Trail, also referred to as the Sharri Trail, is a captivating long-distance hiking route that spans approximately 495 kilometers (308 miles) across the majestic Shar Mountains. Enthusiasts can explore diverse terrains, from lush valleys and alpine meadows to rocky peaks and deep gorges, as they embark on this remarkable journey.


Proud of our team member Sanja Spasovska for achieving the best result for our country in a World Cup race. She placed 24th at the last GS FIS World Cup Scoul, Switzerland which is the first time top 25 result for Macedonian rider male or female.
Congrats and we are looking forward for many more wins and achievements in the future!
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The calmness and admiration while looking at the distant mountains covered with huge amounts of snow is something that always makes me enjoy the moment of just being there worshiping the nature. Not trying to understand why I always feel like that only when I’m out there in the deep nature surrounded by all those peaks and playful freeride terrain for snowboarding in Macedonia.


Starting the ,, Winter Freeride Season 2021/2022 ” . Being outdoors is what we live for. We simply enjoy every moment of it, and our sports no matter if they are hiking, trail running, biking, skiing, snowboarding, we are all influenced by nature, the weather and the elements.
Planning is very important for the activities we do. It helps us prepare the equipment we need, the clothes to be right, and to use the proper wax for our skis/snowboards. Also knowing the right forecast helps us plan our vacations and taking the free days off work.


It’s been a fruitful season for SharOutdoors. Great thanks to every single devoted individual who is responsible for putting every puzzle into place, and therefore making our first freeride deep powder season to blossom. Here will explain you more about freeride snowcat skiing in Macedonia.


Other interesting mountains in Macedonia to visit for your powder ski touring in the Balkans or snowshoeing experience are the mountains of Jablanica & Baba mountain with the peak Pelister (2601) which is part of Pelister national park. Korab mountain is the paradise for ski touring & splitboarding. One of the most remote places on the Balkans holds great potential for ski touring. The highest peak Golem Korab (2764) is the highest peak in Macedonia and Albania. Sharoutdoor guides provide tours where you can hike up from one side (country) & ski down to the other side ( country ).


When visiting Skopje’s urban corners, your eye will surely catch a glimpse of the small and green mountain in the outskirts of the city. Vodno is Skopje’s green oasis. A place so close and an escape from the busy city life. Vodno is arguably the most popular hiking destination in Macedonia. Of course that is also because of the fact that Skopje is the largest city. However the mountain is truly worth visiting for a day’s hike and you need to do a hiking in Skopje area.


A story about virgin snow lines on Shar Mountain. It all started when Mihail and Stephan met at the base of Shar Mountain for a long awaited snowcat freeride. During their runs down the peak of Plat, they were captivated by the peaks enriched with colouirs, accessible only by hiking. After some time of planning, Stephan came back to Macedonia with a group of friends. They were willing to climb the peaks of Shar Mountain and descend virgin lines down the peaks of Shar and Korab mountain.