We have created and developed these sustainable  and eco- friendly tours that are suitable for every of rider, from beginner to intermediate to advanced . As well as our electrical mountain bikes, they are convenient, easy and suitable for riders of all levels. Our mountain biking guides are highly experienced mountain bike riders who will make sure every single attendant gets to know all the safety and technical essentials before every ride. 

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Macedonia’s extensive wilderness and long mountain passes—with breathtaking views—provide the ultimate possibilities for your next biking holiday. Our country provides a combination of sparsely driven asphalt roads and wonderful mountain bike tracks … all that’s needed to create a truly diverse biking adventure. If it is less about adrenaline and more about just being in nature, you’ll find gentle paths suitable for a relaxed bike ride and a family vacation. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, there are challenging single tracks crisscrossing the landscape and are sure provide a rush for riders. 


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Bike trails in Macedonia

There are amazing rural spots and riding trails all through the country. The deep forests of Mavrovo National Park, for instance, are great places to discover magnificent nature and opportunities for any experience level. When you come out of the woods, get ready for beautiful, gentle rides around Mavrovo Lake, which is famous for its culinary treasures. Galichica National Park offers picturesque nature with jaw-dropping vistas over the UNESCO protected Ohrid Lake, and the wild and mysterious Prespa Lake.

Outside of the national parks, Macedonia has a world of discovery throughout our hidden villages, where meeting locals is a necessity—especially in the distant area of Mariovo, where traditional, organic food is a way of life and time feels like it is frozen. While enjoying the gentle mountain passes and the wide combination of tracks, styles, and levels of difficulty in Eastern Macedonia, you will be amazed from the natural, cultural, and gastronomical diversity of the region.

You can connect and travel through the entire country—and call Macedonia a second home—on your next biking vacation.


E-bike tour Macedonia

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E-Bike Tours in Ohrid & Galichica National Park

The Forgotten Village Konjsko

  • Duration: 2.5 h
  • Length of the tour: 20 km
  • Dificulty: Easy Tour

Tour De Galichica National Park

  • Duration: 4 - 5 h
  • Length of the tour: 44 km
  • Dificulty: Moderate Tour

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