High Scardus BikING TRAIL

High Scardus Trail is the Europe’s newest long distance hiking, ski touring and mountain biking adventure. Developed as a transnational cross-border product, it is the natural extension of the Via

Dinarica project. The long distance trail is connecting North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo along the mountainous-shared border.

It’s name, High Scardus is the Latin name of Shar Mountain, the longest range in this part of the Balkans. Most of the High Scardus trail is positioned on Shar Mountain so it was only natural to give this name to the tour itself. The name is referring it to its past which connects us the people from the Balkans.

Developed as a project by GIZ to improve the tourism offer in the region and additionally enhance the cross border cooperation, the trails were prepared and marked, locals were educated to be able to offer improved service and a cross border procedure was developed.

The High Scardus biking route:

The mountains connected by the High Scardus adventure offer an amazing variety of biking trails. The moon shaped mountain ridges which are part of Europe’s longest pasture, offer variety of mountain roads, single track, forest passes and wide open grassy areas suitable for all bike enthusiasts.

Shar Outdoors have developed a variety of routes, offering the best biking experience for different levels of bikers. We have our own MTB eBikes with which we can cover the full area of High Scardus trail, as well as normal MTB for people that would like to push more.

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