Ski touring in the Balkans

The ski resorts in Macedonia and Kosovo

The ski resorts in Popova Shapka in Macedonia and Brezovca in Kosovo offer great opportunity for daily ski touring in the Balkans and freeriding. The surrounding peaks require moderate experience in doing backcountry skiing / snowboarding. On a good weather conditions which this mountains has during mid February to end of March and even mid April, it gives opportunity in one day to tour up and ski down several peaks with altitude more than 2500m.

Going further

When it comes to going further into the sacred depths of the mountain you will need to think more to the logistics because of the loneliness of the mountain. There are no Mountain huts nor Villages in the depths of the mountain where you can sleep over. If you are planning multiple day adventure with ambition to climb up and ski down the true gems of the mountain you will need to sleep over in a tent or make a shelter out of the snow.

Macedonia the winter wonderland

Other interesting mountains in Macedonia to visit for your powder ski touring in the Balkans or snowshoeing experience are the mountains of Jablanica & Baba mountain with the peak Pelister (2601) which is part of Pelister national park. Korab mountain is the paradise for ski touring & splitboarding. One of the most remote places on the Balkans holds great potential for ski touring. The highest peak Golem Korab (2764) is the highest peak in Macedonia and Albania. Sharoutdoor guides provide tours where you can hike up from one side (country) & ski down to the other side ( country ).

There are also other interesting ski touring & mountaineering routes which demand crossing from one country to another. Just south of Korab lays the pearl of the Macedonian mountains when it comes to landscapes, wildlife and macedonian village tradition & culture. Bistra mountain is not that high like Shar and Korab. For instance there you can find Mavrovo National Park together with the ski center Zare Lazarevski.

In addition Bistra mountain holds nice opportunity if you want to spend your ski holiday. With combination of easy going touring or mountaineering mixed with visiting different villages and experiencing macedonian tradition and culture. In the southeastern part of Macedonia between Ohrid & Prespa Lakes you will find the mountain of Galicica with the Galicica National Park. Galicica is a good destination if you want to visit the town of Ohrid and the local villages and in same time doing some outdoor activities. The peak Magaro is only 2255m high but will give you amazing view over both lakes.

The base of SharOutdoors

Based on Popova Shapka, the team of Sharoutdoors guided by the everlasting respect and love of the nature. They are here to guide you on the best ski touring in the Balkans through your adventures. They provide guided freeride tours, ski holidays & ski touring holidays in Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Bulgaria & Montenegro. Their team of guides are always willing to show you the secret places. They will make your ski freeride experience both fun and safe. From daily ski touring guiding and full service packages offers to multiple day adventures through the mountain with combination of touring. They also use snowcat for more effective approach to the remote areas.

The use of the snowcat is great to reach vast places which are far from the ski centers & villages. Being there and skiing down this areas gives this special feeling of satisfaction and admire. They also provide snowcat skiing in Macedonia on Popova Shapka. They are collaborating with the other snowcat operations which are in the region. Dane Brezovica ( Kosovo ) and Lynx Freeride in Albania. Based on Prokletije the Accursed Mountains . Cat skiing in the Balkans is becoming more and more attractive. The shape of the mountains allows the snowcat to climb peaks and thru ridges to cover huge areas that are perfect for powder skiing.

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