The High Scardus Trail, also referred to as the Sharri Trail, is a captivating long-distance hiking route that spans approximately 495 kilometers (308 miles) across the majestic Shar Mountains. Enthusiasts can explore diverse terrains, from lush valleys and alpine meadows to rocky peaks and deep gorges, as they embark on this remarkable journey.


Balkan is the perfect region to visit for those who are always hungry for new backcountry adventures, freeride skiing & snowboarding or mountaineering. The ski freeride and winter sports in the Balkans are becoming more and more popular for the locals but also for the people all over the world. Ski touring & splitboarding in the Balkans is quite interesting because region is covered by mountain ranges running from the northwest to southeast. When it comes to freeriding in totally remote areas the mountains in Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Montenegro are the ones you should visit. Shar mountain is spreading thru Macedonia, Kosovo & Albania and it is the biggest mountain massif in the central Balkan area.