Tour De Galichica National Park

Embark on an exhilarating MTB tour that spans 60 kilometers, exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the NP Galicica, situated between two of the oldest lakes in Europe. This extraordinary journey takes you through a region that holds the prestigious UNESCO status for its remarkable blend of cultural and natural heritage. With the aid of e-bikes, you’ll conquer the distance comfortably while immersing yourself in the wonders of this protected area.

Setting off from the vibrant sport complex, we begin our adventure, ascending to an impressive altitude of 1570 meters above sea level. As we paddle through the heart of the national park, we are instantly captivated by the stunning vistas that unfold before us. Majestic view points await, offering unparalleled panoramas of the surrounding landscapes, providing a true feast for the eyes.

As we navigate the winding trails, an abundance of natural wonders awaits our discovery. Lush greenery embraces us, and the melodies of chirping birds serenade our journey. The sights and sounds of nature envelop us, creating an immersive experience that revitalizes the senses. Insects flit about, adding an element of fascination and wonder to our surroundings.

A particular highlight of this tour lies in traversing the captivating karst fields that characterize the NP Galicica. These unique geological formations, sculpted over centuries, showcase the intricate interplay between rock formations, flora, and the dynamic forces of nature. Witnessing the resilience of life in these challenging terrains is truly awe-inspiring.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the outdoors, this MTB tour promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. From breathtaking views to encounters with the diverse flora and fauna, every moment is a testament to the wonders of NP Galicica. Join us on this remarkable journey and let the magic of this UNESCO-protected region captivate your soul.

Duration of the tour:

4-5 hours

Distance covered:

44 kilometers

Total Ascent:

1100 meters

Total Descent:

1430 meters

Starting point:

Village Trpejca

End point:

Village Trpejca

We prefer that you bring:

  • Suitable outdoor clothes 
  • Shorts
  • Sneakers
  • T-shirt 
  • Backpack for water / personal items
  • Water
  • Sunscreen 

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