Two Lakes

A trail for those who want to move less, but at the same time to enjoy more in the beauty, history and wildlife of the National Park Galichica, including a stunning sky-blue view of two of the oldest lakes in the Europe.

This excursion begins with a private transfer from the place where you are accommodated, to the highest pass in National Park Galicica on 1600masl. The first twenty minutes of today’s walk will be through grassy areas with beautiful landscapes and views towards Albania. The second part we will move at double road, which leads us to the very top, and along the way we will have the opportunity to visit small part of the shelters and trenches that had been а shelter for many soldiers in World War I. At this time we will hear something about First World War, Eastern Front, the life of local population in that period and for those who enjoy exploring and want to go home from this place with a photo of a souvenir such as a bullet, glass, etc., this area is the right place. At the end, after the short, but nice rest on top we should go down from where we start.

Lenght of the tour:

3 kilometers

Duration :

2 – 3 hours


Easy tour

We prefer that you bring:

  • Solid boots
  • Backpack
  • Suitable clothing (depending on the weather conditions)
  • 1.5 l. water
  • Sunscreen

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