Virgin snow Lines on Shar Mountain

How it all started?

A story about virgin snow lines on Shar Mountain. It all started when Mihail and Stephan met at the base of Shar Mountain for a long awaited snowcat freeride. During their runs down the peak of Plat, they were captivated by the peaks enriched with colouirs, accessible only by hiking.  After some time of planning, Stephan came back to Macedonia with a group of friends. They were willing to climb the peaks of Shar Mountain and descend virgin lines down the peaks of Shar and Korab mountain.

Dreams do come true

The crew started their journey on 18.03.2019. When Stephan, his brother, and four friends arrived to Popova Shapka. That day they met Mihail, Meto and Georgy.  Long awaited dream to come true for Mihail and Stephan in their search for virgin snow lines on Shar Mountain . They climbed to the peak of the Kota 2564 line which stands under the Tito’s Peak towards the valley of upper Leshnica. The north face of the peak has two possible lines. More narrow and steeper couloir that both come join together in wide open terrain fulfilled with galleys and natural half pipes. Therefore they lead all the way down to the sheep farm of upper Leshnica between the peak of Plat and the middle Leshnica rock.

The journey itself

The plan for the first day was to wake up at 05:30. Have breakfast and then to go to the saddle of Titos peak by snowcat. From there they could continue on foot. Around 07:00 they started their journey to Titos peak, and in 2 hours of driving in the snowcat they were 200 vertical meters below the peak. They continued ascending Titos Peak by foot. Decided to bootpack through the ridge where the snow softened by warm weather.

There was no need of mounting crampons. In around 30 minutes they were on the peak. From there they continued north through the ridge towards the Kota 2564 track. The walk was through a mixed terrain of rocks and soft snow. After 20-30 minutes they were on the drop points of the both north faced couloirs of Kota 2564.

Gorgy, Meto and three others decided to go in the steeper couloir with entrance of around 40%. In meantime Mihail and Stephan chose the narrower couloir. TIN order to check the stability of the snowpack Gorgy decided to secure himself with a rope and anchor. When everyone was ready Gorgy dropped in. The snow was mixed. Often hard then very soft snowpacks. After a few turns Gorgy got rid of the rope and made the first line of 300 vertical meters to the safe spot. Afterwards one by one they all skied down to Georgy. Further down the snow became soft and playful. Perfect spring snow was on the menu. Everybody was flying through the playful terrain all the way down to the ship fold of upper Leshnica. The total vertical descent of the line was about 750m.

The outcome

After they descend the peak, they found themselves between the massive walls of peak Plat and the middle Leshnica rock. Tempted by the silence and beauty of this place they had rested and had lunch. Then ski touring and splitborading to the saddle of Plat where the snowcat awaited, to take them back to the hotel.

This was the first day of their journey to hunt virgin snow lines on this mountains. It was one of the best in the days to follow.

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