Winter Freeride season 2021/2022

Outdoor sports and the weather forecasts

Starting the ,, Winter Freeride Season 2021/2022 ” . Being outdoors is what we live for. We simply enjoy every moment of it, and our sports no matter if they are hiking, trail running, biking, skiing, snowboarding, we are all influenced by nature, the weather and the elements.
Planning is very important for the activities we do. It helps us prepare the equipment we need, the clothes to be right, and to use the proper wax for our skis/snowboards. Also knowing the right forecast helps us plan our vacations and taking the free days off work.

Snow forecast

All freeride skiers can relate to this, updating the Snow Forecast ten times a day, then cross checking with other forecast to see if the fresh dump of powder snow is definitely happening, is it going to be the bluebird day worth skipping work for, is the wind going to be calm so we can ski our dream lines.
Some of the apps we use are Yr.No, Accuweather, Windy, Snow Forecast, Mountain Forecast and Meteo Blue.

Expectations for the good weather conditions

Getting excited for the winter freeride season, as the weather gets cooler, the first snow already fell, and the new dump is nearing in the forecast, we also look into the long term forecasts.
They have been proven not to be the most reliable. Luckily mostly for the better and ski seasons turned out to be amazing. ven if the long term forecasts were saying the opposite. But we hope this one got it right. The moist air around the Balkans and the often cold influence from the north promise an amazing winter freeride season in the Balkans.

Our skis and snowboards are already set, snowcats are ready to run, and we are more than itchy to make those first turns. We are ready and waiting for the winter freeride season.

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